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At Born of Chaos Records we love Heavy Metal! We have to to be willing to put all the time money and effort out there that it requires to bring this ass kicking, head banging, shit stomping music to all of you maniacs! So, our mission is clear: we want to be the best underground metal label in existence! That is a bold statement especially with all of the amazing labels fighting it out in the pits right now, but if you aren't aiming for the top, you are settling for the bottom. That being said, we seek out only the best in Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Grindcore, Black Metal, Hardcore, Sludge Metal and of course Traditional Heavy Metal.

Aside from being the best and making our bands the best, our goal at Born of Chaos records is to bring the bands and fans together again. To re-unite the metal scene. We have seen many a show where the bands, who may only live a few miles from each other and play a very similar style, don't even know about each other. Where fans of a band will clear-out the second their band gets off stage , and to tell ya the truth, it makes us sick! People talk about our home base, the greater Philadelphia metal scene, and call it dead. Well it sure isn't for lack of bands, fans or venues that will let them play. So what the hell is going on? It's because no one is supporting each other anymore. Everyone has become too fragmented to even bother to stick around and check out your brothers and sisters in the next band on stage. Why? We all know the economy sucks and shit is tight, so if you already paid full price to see your buddies band, why not make a night of it? Most of my favorite bands I discovered on accident. If you get stuck in the mindset of "that's too black metal" or "thrash is so 80's" or "nu metal is bullshit" you might just miss something you would have loved. Society judges us and looks down on us all equally, they don't care if your preference is Carcass, Motorhead, Six Feet Under, Iron Maiden, Slayer or Static-X you are all the same low-lives to them. So lets get together, stop being so stuck up and remember why we are into this music. To have fun, rock the fuck out and because the mainstream sucks and is absolutely clueless about what good music is!